Sunday, February 21, 2016

Here's Where To Look For The Latest Date Movie Montages

My Date Movies project keeps whirring along, but you wouldn't know it by this blog, would you?  By the time I create the video, post it to Vimeo and touch it up there, then post it to the Date Movies Facebook page I've created, and occasionally to my own personal page...  I just don't get around to embedding the video here, as well.

Also, this blog has turned just plain ugly: don't know how that happened. Background, colours...  Blech.  And it's not easy to find your way around. So...

From now on, I'll just add new videos to the Index and flag them as NEW, with a link to the Vimeo originals.  And provide a prominent link to the Date Movies Facebook page, which is always up to date.  I won't take down what's already here, but no maintenance, no monitoring: we'll just accept that our Date Movies blog will slip further and further into being the cyber ghost town it's already becoming.  

Here are your main links:

where I post each new or old Date Movie as its date comes round
(And no, you don't need to sign up for Facebook to use it. It's a public page.)

a day-by-day listing of all the Date Movies (and other montages) I create,
with links to the videos themselves on my Vimeo site.
I'll flag as NEW anything that's, well, new.

Index | Date Movie Montages

Here are links to the video montages I've made for various days (or months) of the year. Most feature all the movie clips I could find that take place on a particular date, but there are also month-at-a-time videos (in all caps) with each day represented by a single film clip.

I've also made a few other montages with other ideas, such as the one I created about lawyers for my daughter's law school graduation; they're listed at the bottom.

I've begun conversation with a local gallery about a 12-hour installation version of the piece that would begin at noon with January 1 and move through the year, one hour per month, culminating with December 31 at midnight, then continuing with January 1 at the stroke of midnight. I'll let you know how that comes along.

Most of these videos were created for my family members and movie friends; a few were commissioned by people for their friends or family. Endless thanks to John Drew, Darrel Manson, Evan Cogswell and other A&Fers, as well as folks like John Cody, Curtis Reed, Rosie Perera, Mel Kirby, Peter Chattaway, Peter Norman, dianne Reed, Paul Kerensa and others for their contributions.

JANUARY: 31 Days, 31 Movies (created 2015)
January 2 (created 2017) for Chris Hawley
January 6   (created 2015) Lorri Romhanyi, Gil Elvgren
January 11  (2016) Rebecca, Paul Kerensa (founder of Movie Timeline)
January 12  (2016) Mack Gordon
January 15  (2016) dianne Reed, Stephen Adly Guirgis (2015 orig), Spenser Wagner
January 19  (2016) Michael Elkan
January 23  (2014) Carole Reed
January 24  (2016) Kenton Klassen
January 27  (2017) Joel Stephanson
January 28  (2015) Karen Cooper

FEBRUARY - 29 Days, 29 Movies  (2015)
February 3  (2015) Mike Mason
February 5  (2016) Ken Priebe and Mike Wallbridge
February 8  (2015) Darrel Manson (core contributor since 2006), Amanda Russell-Jones
February 15 (2017) Bruce Reimer
February 18  (2014) Thea Avila. (2016 revision:) Don ReedKaiTerry Olson
February 21  (2016) Sean (commission), Steven Hart
February 23  (2016) Lori Stewart
February 28  (2015) Carolyn Jervis

MARCH - 31 Days, 31 Movies  (2016 from 2014 rough cut)
March 1  (2014) Brad Reed
March 8  (2016) Aki  NEW
March 10  (2015) Lain Eng
March 11 (2017) Laurie Kocher
March 13 (2017) Jon Ochsendorf
March 17 (2017) Paul Fieber
March 18 (2017) Graham Peat
March 21  (2016) Maki Yi, Frank Nickel
March 28  (2015) Heather Mason (commission)
March 29  (2015) Pat (commission)

April Fool's Day  2015 clickbait version
April 1  (2015) Keven Stephens
April 2  (2015) Dan Williams
April 3  (2015) Steph Elgersma
April 9  (2015) David McFadzean

May 10  (2015) Karen Mason (commission)
May 28  (2017) Rick Colhoun  NEW
May 30  (2015) Jim Martens

June 9    (2014) Chris Reed, contributor, and Josh Reed
June 14  (2015) Rudi Krause
June 27  (2014) Drew Moore
June 29  (2014) Curtis Reed (contributor), Cheryl Crabtree

JULY - 31 Days, 31 Movies  (2013, first montage)
July 9  (2015) Marianne Mendgen
July 11  (2015) Cheryl Crabtree (wrong date)
July 13  (2015) Paul Kirby
July 17  (2017) Not actually Chris Hansen  NEW
July 18  (2014) Kaitlin Williams, Mel Kirby (contributor)
July 19  (2015) Bob Smyth
July 21  (2015) Peter Church

AUGUST - 31 Days, 31 Movies  (2013)
August 3  (2014) JP Allen
August 4  (2015) John Innes | record number of movies represented
August 10  (2014) David Jennings, lawyer - a video full of serial killers, death & mayhem
August 24 (2016) Peter Carlone

SEPTEMBER - 30 Days, 31 Movies  (2013)
September 2  (2013) Katie Reed, my first single-day montage
September 3, 1939 (2015) One moment in history, five films
September 3  (2015) Dan Amos
September 15  (2014) John Drew, core Date Movie contributor since 2006
September 19  (2015) Hank Ens
September 21  (2015) John Cody (contributor)
September 22 (2014) Tim Anderson
September 28 (2017) Bryan Coley  NEW

October 1  (2014) Peter Chattaway, contributor
October 6 (2017) Jason Goode    NEW
October 21  (2015) Chris Boyer - Back To The Future Day
October 22  (2015) Peter Norman (contributor), Belinda Howell (contributor)
October 31 (2014) Rosie Perera (contributor)
Hallowe'en (2014) excerpt from Rosie's montage

NOVEMBER - 30 Days, 30 Movies
November 1 (2017) Paige Louter  NEW
November 2 (2016) Berkeley (commission), Director's Cut
November 26  (2014) Lalo Avila

DECEMBER - 31 Days, 31 Movies
December 1  (2015) Allen Des Noyers
December 2  (2013) Rory Holland
December 8  (2015) Jack Jervis (2013 original) & Phil Miguel (2016)
December 10  (2015) Jim Stewart
December 11  (2015) Daniel Cowper (though not for his birthday)
December 12  (2014) Evan Cogswell (core contributor since 2013)
December 17  (2015) Bill Horie
December 22 (2016) Joanne Leslie
December 27 (2016) Leonard Schein
December 29  (2014) Deb Sears, Luci Shaw


chamberlain is about to make an announcement...  september 3, 1939

a fine watch: the days and hours of the jackal  the temporal preoccupations of a French masterpiece

NT Guilty: "Do you need a good lawyer?" 
My magnum opus, for my daughter Katie's law school grad

thirteen days of glory  a whimsical invention on a couple incidents in American history

MINI Test Drive  edited from The Italian Job