Sunday, August 10, 2014

August 10: Luscious Laundress Launches Lefebvre

The copyright cops got us again.

We were all cued up in advance, I had a wonderful change of pace after all the tragedy and death of the past four days – the delightfully cheesy opening of Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, which nobody's ever seen. And because it starts with music, and perhaps because it's Beatles music (well, sort of), it got flagged and gagged.

Now, I had plenty of alternates. But I'd promised something cheerful, and... dying kid, fictional serial killer who murders every Aug 10, the second slaying by the Charles Manson cult, the arrest of Son of Sam (red letter day for serial killers!), clip from Basic Instinct, clip from Redacted (now there's downer of a movie), a stoner talking about August 10 as somebody's impending day of death, arrest of a real bad guy in Alpha Dog, more District 9 nastiness, something from an ultra-violent Japanese / Hong Kong gangster flick (is there any other kind of Japanese / Hong Kong gangster flick?), a medicine label for a burn victim, a massacre in Last Of The Mohicans and a western where a guy gets arrested for murdering a woman on August 10 (yeesh – what is it about August 10?), and two movies counting down to the destruction of the world.

And... This one. The only cheerful one of the lot. And probably the most obscure movie in the whole date movie project – a light-hearted look at the French Revolution. (!) (?) You know, that one about the woman who marries Francois-Joseph Lefebvre? Who becomes one of the original eighteen Marshals of the Empire? Oh, THAT Francois-Joseph Lefebvre...

Oh well. It's got Sophia Loren in it.

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