Sunday, July 27, 2014

July 27: Departure Date Set

Though a friend said I'd like it, the general reaction to this film ranged from tepid to critical, so I avoided it. Gave off the feel of being kind of dumb-sentimental, like the films at the lower end of the Robin Williams' spectrum.

I should listen to my friends. Watched this only because of the dates, and found myself quite drawn in. I recognize the qualities that put people off - including Spacey himself, whose performances are very love-hate - but for some peculiar reason Spacey's character here absolutely fascinates me. There's something in that detached-yet-engaged quality which may be mental illness, but may be the sort of non-attachment that is, well, spiritual. I'm very wary of movie messiahs: there was a time when people were playing Spot The Christ Figure with every work of fiction that came along. But sometimes they work for me, and it will take a good deal more reflection on my part to figure out why this one does.

Or maybe not exactly a Christ figure. Just someone who's found a stance toward things that intrigues me. Benign fascination, not caught up in it all, compassionate, intelligent. Fine line between that and condescension - which is definite Spacey territory. But it keeps me interested. Fascinated.

Your mileage may vary. Judging by popular response, it almost certainly will. But I must admit, this one got me.

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