Saturday, July 26, 2014

July 26: Movimiento 26 de Julio! Viva Cuba libre!

A montage of all the armband and banner scenes from this most cinematic of biopics. Not many movies where you can actually make an armband-banner montage.

A curious film. Some respond that it somehow take two of history's most charismatic, controversial and enigmatic characters engaged in an against-all-odds revolution and somehow make it boring. And they have a point: it's surprising how unexciting the whole thing is. And it's not like this director can't do exciting.

Others consider it brilliant, exhilarating - mostly from a purely cinematic/aesthetic perspective. First viewing, I was mostly in the first camp, while admiring it as art. But spending hours digging into the film for dates, looking closely, editing, viewing the film from that non-linear, peculiarly Date Movie perspective, it became a favourite. As did a number of other films that didn't entirely work for me when I first viewed them, the way I would normally view a film - for story and overall experience, as well as for artistry. Nixon and Zodiac both come to mind.

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