Thursday, July 24, 2014

July 24: Fifties Flick Lends Title To SciFi Inflected Daniel Amos Tune, Album

I didn't know if I should use this movie for July 24. The stuff that happens on August 12 is really swell too! There's a neat rocket ship that takes off just like Fireball XL5! Zowie! But hey, kids - you'll just have to watch the movie yourselves for all those thrills and chills.

This movie is delicious, and the delight in discovering movies like it is a large part of the my enjoyment in doing the Date Movie project. Before this, I knew the film mostly as the title (and probably inspiration) for a favourite Daniel Amos song on their sci-fi flavoured Vox Humana album, but had never sought out the (presumably) kitschy fifties flick. But once I found out it had DATES in it!...

The past year and a half, of actively tracking down such movies and finding their date references, has exposed me to so many films I simply would never have gotten around to seeing, and has brought a whole new way of enjoying film. Some I watch beginning to end, just as I would previously have done with any movie I chose to see. But plenty of others I sample, looking for dates - and get a more abstracted sense of a film. Story and character arc are secondary: what I see - and what is amplified when I then edit the clips - is predominantly visual and aural. Shot composition, camera movement, the way sound is used, the look and feel of movies as varied as... Well, you're seeing the range. Acting is still foregrounded, but in moments, gestures, presence, style more than in the journey of a character. Movie AS movie, perhaps.

In any case, this film was a wonderful surprise. All the nostalgic look and feel of the world as it was - or was imagined - a few years before I was born. But for all its primitive qualities, compared to later sf and special effects movies, there's something there.

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