Tuesday, July 22, 2014

july 11-22 | catching up

Oops! I've been posting daily to Vimeo, Facebook and Twitter, but kinda forgot to put the new videos up here as well.  For now, a quick catch up, with proper daily posts to follow in due time…

July 11: Fun With Hydrangeas

July 12: Marching Bands Boost Tourism

July 13: Italian Perspective On Climate Change

July 14: Bad Music, Dancing Mar French National Fest

July 15: Couple Celebrates St. Swithin's Day

July 16: Weird Mouth Trick May Turn Tide Of War

July 17: Recovered Document Sparks Provenance Controversy

July 18: Charleston Harbor Outing No Day At The Beach

July 19: Send In The Clones

July 20: Climb Every Mountain

July 21: Evil Dead Cabin Destroyed

July 22: Twilight Prequel Unearthed

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