Thursday, July 10, 2014

July 10: Bus Survivors' Telephone Romance Thwarted

Many of these are up here because they're great movies, or at least great movie moments. Others less so.

This one's here because it was a great movie experience. A great Date Movie experience, in fact.

On July 9, 2006 I went to see this Sandra Bullock - Keanu Reeves vehicle. (The same could be better said about their previous film together). With my wife - a true movie date.

It's all about star-crossed lovers who live two years apart, but send each other letters through a mailbox on the property that they both owned at different times… Hard to explain. Frankly, hard to follow. Nevertheless, a film with a central preoccupation with time, and dates.

And there I am on the evening of July 9, 2006, and this scene comes along. "Call me on July 10, 2006 at 9:05 PM." And I'm going, "Hey, that's tomorrow night!" Yup, me and Sandra Bullock (not to mention Carole and Keanu), separated in time by one day.

I figured I should go back again the next night. I never made it. And now it's too late.

Closely follows a Japanese movie called Il Mare, equally preoccupied with dates. I'll show you a bit of that January 7 or 9 or 10, or February or March 11, or March 25, May 20, or December 22 or 28 or 29, or maybe event New Year's Eve, when the two films overlap! Time will tell.

Adaptation by David Auburn, who wrote the stage play Proof - also brainy, with a thing about fathers who die, and their kids - a pair of sisters in the play, two brothers in this film. Both stories set in Chicago if I'm not mistaken.

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