Saturday, June 28, 2014

June 28: Due Date Confirmed

What makes this film so troubling is the ordinariness of it all. Horror these days is all pumped up: you don't expect human beings living lives you recognize, you're paying your money for a house of horrors at a midway. Today's movie is drastically different. The horror lies in the woman's isolation, her husband's narcissism and falseness. This isn't fear by way of thrills, it's dread saturated with sadness. A tough watch, if you've got any empathy at all for the waif in the middle of it all.

Until the end. Why does it go so badly wrong in that final scene? I've not heard the same response from others, but I was thrown right out of it in the last minutes - suddenly the performances are as false and stagey and unconvincing as could be. Especially jarring after a story anchored in such day-to-dayness. All that understatement and veracity, then at exactly the wrong moment all the folks who didn't pass the audition at the local amateur drama group starts chewing scenery. (Still, I was kind of relieved: not sure I could have handled anything realer.)

I've mentioned Darrel and John, my partners the last ten years in tracking down movie dates. But we've been joined this past year or so by Evan Cogswell, who made this great June 28 find. (Crazy. You spend a YEAR on this craziness, and you're the newcomer. It's that kind of project.) Thanks, Evan!

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