Friday, June 27, 2014

June 27: Playwright Seeks Actress

What was that date again?

Oh my. What a discovery this one is. One word review? "Lugubrious." The 54 second scene you just watched, that goes on three times as long as it needs to? That's only half the scene. Half the mentions of June twenty-seventh, 1912. Which will be repeated nearly as many times when Superman wakes up and it's ACTUALLY June twenty-seventh, 1912. Overall, about thirty minutes of events, crammed into 103 action-packed minutes.

It's adorable.

Remarkable fact: source material by the same guy who launched all the zombie movies with his short story "I Am Legend." Remarkable fact: this peculiar kitsch-fest has spawned a cult, of sorts, that convenes every summer at the historic hotel where the film was shot (on June twenty-seventh, I would hope?). "We’ve published over 1,700 pages on this cinematic treasure since 1990, and hold annual SIT Weekends at Grand Hotel!" (website)  Remarkable cameo: a very young William H. Macy appears right off the top as a theatre critic assigned to a college production of Superman's play. (Okay, he's not Superman in this movie. But that's hard to get out of one's mind while watching...)

MST3K, where are you when we need you?

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