Tuesday, June 17, 2014

June 17: Hotel Upgrade For U.S. Pingpongers

An all time favourite of mine - to the horror of my cinephile pals. They see sentiment, I catch an ironic undercurrent - which I hear is all the more pronounced in the novel. They cry "Baby Boomer Nostalgia," and I say... Okay, yeah, Baby Boomer Nostalgia.

But hey - there are at least 31 different dates in this Zeligesque picaresque with a good heart. That's enough for me to love it.

(Come on. You don't catch the sentiment squelch in "So I went. Again. And I met the President of the United States. Again."? There's something here about noses being thumbed at the mighty and the fool being exalted - but even that is done with a giddy, delicious flaunting of likelihood or even good sense. If there's a genre of "Holy Fool" pictures, this one belongs high on the list.)

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