Saturday, June 14, 2014

June 14: Leprosy Volunteer Celebrates 24th Birthday

Every time I watch this movie - or at least, the parts with dates - which is pretty much all of the movie, come to think of it - I love it more. Sure, the two stars are immensely appealing. But the people they meet along the way, so obviously just plain people in the places they travel - Argentina, Chile, Peru. The fish market in Temuco, the couple who share their mate in the mountains of Peru, or this marvellous sequence of real people dancing.

That's a montage I want to make: Just Plain People Dancing. The end of Hitch. Bastille Day in Claire's Knee. Margot's Wedding dance, the Prime Minister getting jiggy with the Pointer Sisters, or especially Napoleon bustin' the moves to Jamiroquai. But nothing better than the nuns and their friends celebrating Ernesto's cumpleanos!

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