Tuesday, January 1, 2013

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The Date Movie project led me down other movie montage side roads. Here are other projects that came out of it.

NT Guilty: "You need a good lawyer?"
Created for my daughter Katie, on her graduation from law school. My own favourite of all the montages I've made.

September 3, 1939: "Chamberlain is due to make an announcement..."
While playing Sigmund Freud in Pacific Theatre's production of Freud's Last Session, I realized how many films also included Chamberlain's BBC announcement that Britain was at war with Germany.

A Fine Watch: The Days and Hours of the Jackal
Certain films seem to be as preoccupied with time as I am. The Day of the Jackal is one. (District 9 is another).

Thirteen Days Of Glory
October 22 also figures in several films - the day of the Cuban Missile Crisis announcement, but also the resolution of another "thirteen days" in American history.

June 6 - September 5: What The Pig Said
For three months in the summer of 2014 I posted one Date Movie clip a day to mark the tenth anniversary of the start of the Movie Calendar / Date Movie project, each short video containing the date reference from a single film. When fall arrived, I edited those ninety-plus clips into this montage.

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